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​Can't find a time that works?  No, problem.  Just call or email me!

Services must pay in advance to reserve your space. If you cannot make your appointment, please provide 24 hours notice and your payment will be refunded promptly.  If you are late (I know things come up), I will try to accommodate you, but I cannot guarantee you a full session as spaces fill up quickly.

Services Offered

WHAT TO EXPECT / What to Bring

The Powell Psychic | All Life Center, 123 Hyatts Rd, Delaware OH 43015 | 614.526.9448

​​When you arrive for your reading, relax and come with an open mind.  I know first-time reads can be nerve racking, but I will create an environment that is free of judgement and guided with the intent of always working in the greater good.   

​I also ask that you come to your reading with some questions in mind. it will help your reading have more meaning and open the intent to make sure your interests are addressed.  Please only ask what you want a truthful answer to, as I am obligated to tell you what I see.

Please feel free to bring in objects that I can hold during a reading (be sure to get permission).  This is not required, but can strengthen the intent.  In the event that you are reaching out to a loved one, I do my best to make the connection.  Most times they come forward, but I cannot guarantee how active their spirit will be.  

All Life Center, 123 Hyatts Rd, Delaware OH 43015                            614.526.9448

​In Person Reading: (*Includes audio recording of reading)
$60 for 30 minutes 

$40 for 15 minutes(NEW!)

Phone Reading: (*Includes recording of reading)
*Must be paid prior to scheduled reading time via Paypal.

Lynn will email you a confirmation (at the email you provided

during scheduling) and provide you with her private number

that you are to call at your scheduled appointment time.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or e-mail. 

$60 for 30 minutes
$30 for 15 minutes

Email Reading:  You would email 2 to 4 questions to my email providing as much information as needed depending on your level of comfort to give me a point of focus (for example a first name and birthday).  I will read the question out loud, and do an audio recording of my response taking as much time as needed.  I would then email you the audio file.  I also allow the opportunity for you to email me regarding any clarification (if needed) to ensure you have a complete reading.  

$40 2-4 questions (no sub-parts)

​Group Reading:  (Includes audio recording of individual readings)

NEW! A group of 5 or less that would like to be read.  This can be done at my shop or in your home (Note: surcharge may apply for travel).  Readings can be private or done in front of each other depending on your level of comfort.  Please call me to discuss availability and details 614.526.9448.

$25 for every 5 miles travel outside of Powell

​$60 for 30 minutes reading time (rates can be pro-rated based on individual time usage)

​​*I will do my best to record the reading, but occasionally the reading will not record due to updates with Google Voice.  You are welcome to record the reading on your own device or take notes as well.